We offer Cake and Cupcakedecorating classes in 3 locations!  White River, Wellington and Port Elizabeth - choose the location nearest to you!  Come and learn new skills and enjoy the art of Baking and Decorating!

We introduce you to the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating

Our Locations and Instructors:
White River: Willemien Strydom
Wellington: Leandri Du Toit
Seaview (Port Elizabeth): Almarie Barnard
We are Certified Wilton Method Instructors (3 of only 4 recognised instructors in South Africa) Willemien & Almarie are also qualified Pastry Chefs - graduated from The Institute of Culinary Arts in 2003
E-mail us: wiltonclasseswhiteriver@gmail.com
or call us on
Willemien 082 774 9455 (White River Classes)
Leandri 082 224 8567 (Wellington Classes)
Almarie 084 209 3259 (Port Elizabeth Classes)

How it works:

We teach 4 different Main courses and we have multiple Short courses.

Main Courses:

Each Course cost R1650 - this includes your equipment of over R850 that you get to take home with you, your handbook and your icing for the first class.

Each Course is run on a weekend.  Usually 4 hours on a Saturday and 4 hours on the Sunday.  Dates and times might be different for different locations. (Check with your local instructor)

We offer Course 1 every second month - according to demand 

Course 2, 3 and 4 are held in the months in between, more often if there is enough demand.

Booking is Essential - we require 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking and the remainder is due on the first day of the class.

Short Courses:

Check with your local instructor on which short courses are available.  Below is some examples.

Four Different MainCake Decorating Courses - In Short:

  • Course 1 - we start with the Basics of Butter Icing and we also talk about baking

  • Course 2: Royal Icing and more buttercream flowers

  • Course 3: Gumpaste and Fondant 

  • Course 4: Advanced Gumpaste wired flowers

Main Courses: (Two day courses)

Course 1

  • Ice and decorate a cake and other sweet treats

  • Make six different buttercream icing flowers (including the Ribbon rose, daisy & zinnia to name a few)

  • Pipe lines and make simple borders, letters and shapes on your cake

  • Transfer images to a cake to decorate

  • Make icing the right consistency to decorate

  • Fill and use decorating bag with couplers

Course 2

  • Design the colour palette and pattern for a cake

  • Complete buttercream icing piping techiques

  • Create seven different types of flowers, and understand how to feature them on your project

  • Learn to make Royal Icing 

  • Learn to pipe Royal Icing appliques

  • Pipe additional decorative borders onto your cake

Course 3

  • Prepare and colour gum paste and fondant

  • Cover a cake with fondant

  • Create different types of bows and flowers, including the calla lily, rose and carnation

  • Discover how easy it is to paint on fondant.

  • Design and complete a cake with the shapes and flowers from the course

Course 4

  • Gum Paste Fundamentals

  • Stargazer Lily

  • Blossoms

  • Briar Rose

  • Gerbera Daisies

  • Sweet Peas

  • Ivy Leaves

  • Lily Leaves

  • Stephanotis flower

  • Assemble Blossoms, leaves and bouquets

  • Using Flower Spikes

  • Using Florist Wire

Short Courses: (1 day Courses)

Short Course - Modeling 101

  • Gum Paste Fundamentals

  • Working with Modeling tools

  • Shaping of Figurines

  • Sizing of Figurines

    (Note that this is a 1 day class - usually about 2 hours)

Short Course - Cupcake Bouquet

  • Advanced Butter Icing Class - Course 1 and Course 2 skills required

  • Learn to Decorate Flower Cupcakes

  • Arranging your bouquet

  • Learn how to use Russian Tips
  • Spacing your cupcakes and assemble your bouquet

    (Note that this is a 1 day class - usually about 2 hours)
    Class dates usually around Mothers Day and Woman's Day

Short Course - Succulent Cupcakes

  • Beginner Butter Icing Class 

  • Learn to Decorate Succulent Cupcakes

  • Learn basic Butter icing Techniques

  • Learn color mixing techniques to make your work stand out!

    (Note that this is a 1 day class - usually about 2 hours)

Short Course - Baking Basics

  • Beginner Baking Class 

  • Learn how to Bake Basic Sponge cake

  • Learn how to measure and read recipes

  • Learn how to bake a perfectly flat cake

    (Note that this is a 1 day class - usually about 2 hours)

Short Course - Sugar Lace

  • Beginner Sugar Lace Class 

  • Learn how to make your own Edible Lace

  • (Note that this is a 1 day class - usually about 2 hours)