We introduce you to the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating

Our instructors Willemien Strydom & Leandri Du Toit are Certified Wilton Method Instructors (2 of only 3 recognized instructors in South Africa) Willemien is also qualified Pastry Chef - graduated from The Institute of Culinary Arts in 2003
E-mail us or call us on
Willemien 082 774 9455 (White River Classes)
Leandri 082 224 8567 (Wellington Classes)

How it works:

Each Course cost R1500 - this includes your equipment of over R700 that you get to take home with you, your handbook and your icing for the first class.

Each Course is run on a weekend.  Usually 4 hours on a Saturday and 4 hours on the Sunday.  Dates and times might be different for different locations. (Check with your local instructor)

We offer Course 1 every second month - according to demand 

Course 2, 3 and 4 are held in the months in between, more often if there is enough demand.

Booking is Essential - we require 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking and the remainder is due on the first day of the class.

Four Different Cake Decorating Courses - In Short:
  • Course 1 - we start with the Basics of Butter Icing and we also talk about baking

  • Course 2: Royal Icing and more buttercream flowers

  • Course 3: Gumpaste and Fondant 

  • Course 4: Advanced Gumpaste wired flowers

Course 1

  • Ice and decorate a cake and other sweet treats

  • Make six different buttercream icing flowers (including the Ribbon rose, daisy & zinnia to name a few)

  • Pipe lines and make simple borders, letters and shapes on your cake

  • Transfer images to a cake to decorate

  • Make icing the right consistency to decorate

  • Fill and use decorating bag with couplers

Course 2

  • Design the colour palette and pattern for a cake

  • Complete buttercream icing piping techiques

  • Create seven different types of flowers, and understand how to feature them on your project

  • Learn to make Royal Icing 

  • Learn to pipe Royal Icing appliques

  • Pipe additional decorative borders onto your cake

Course 3

  • Prepare and colour gum paste and fondant

  • Cover a cake with fondant

  • Create different types of bows and flowers, including the calla lily, rose and carnation

  • Discover how easy it is to paint on fondant.

  • Design and complete a cake with the shapes and flowers from the course

Course 4

  • Gum Paste Fundamentals

  • Stargazer Lily

  • Blossoms

  • Briar Rose

  • Gerbera Daisies

  • Sweet Peas

  • Ivy Leaves

  • Lily Leaves

  • Stephanotis flower

  • Assemble Blossoms, leaves and bouquets

  • Using Flower Spikes

  • Using Florist Wire